Val Kotter started his business in 1985, after 10 years experience installing sewer lines for a construction company. He started in a labor position but soon advanced to become the specialist with all types of sewer line problems. He became the "go to" guy because he seemed to have the intuition that would save not only time but money.

Val started his company with his son Jeff at his side and one truck. This truck was set up for sealing leaks, camera work and every thing he needed to get the job done. As his business grew he expanded and added more vehicles and more personnel to accommodate this exceptional demand in his expertise.

Val prides himself on the ability to see the problems and repair them at the best price around. He does this by keeping up to date with new equipment and qualified employees.

Val now has all three of his sons working along his side in the business, Jeff, Shane and Tyson. They are a great help and have learned the business from the bottom up. They have helped their dad build his company into the successful business it is today.