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  1. 1993 Chev Step Van:
  1. This truck is larger and also completely self-contained to hold all the sealing equipment. It has a color camera capable of televising any type of pipes from 6" to 36" in diameter, and has the capability to seal leaks in pipes from 6" to 36" from inside the pipe without excavation. This is accomplished with packers that inflate with air pressure to isolate the leak. 3M polyurethane gel is pumped into the leak filling all voids in the area causing a water tight seal.
  2. In addition to pipe repair, manholes can be sealed using the same chemical by injecting the chemical through properly drilled holes and pumping it to the outside of the manhole. We have been using these procedures and methods for several years now, and feel very confident that itís not just a quick fix. We can guarantee that these leaks left undisturbed will never leak again. Some local areas where I have sealed leaks with excellent results are as follows:
  • Logan City
  • Hyrum
  • South Salt Lake City